Teach your kids how to use the internet without losing your hair!

Parents know they need to protect their children from adult material online but most moms and dads don’t know how dangerous the web can really be for its most innocent and impressionable users. The facts are 93 percent of elementary age kids have been exposed to online pornography and 1 in 4 children have been propositioned for sex on the internet.

Despite these horrific issues the internet can be a great learning tool and an amazing building block to a child’s future education; in fact a child that is exposed to the internet before fourth grade is over 7 times more likely to graduate from college. And that is the biggest problem facing teachers and parents today, how to protect children from the bad parts of the internet while letting them explore the good ones. My First Web Browser is the answer to parents’ and teachers’ biggest problems.

My First Web Browser is the internet with training wheels.

  • Blocks pornography, racist or hateful material and child predators.
  • Other un-safe web browsers are password protected even when MFWB is not running.
  • Simplified controls and interface, specifically designed for 1st to 5th grade children.
  • Protects your child from the Internet and also protects the computer from your child.
  • Ability to unlock the computer’s basic features for more advanced children.
  • The ability to allow or disallow any web site based on parent’s decision.
  • Hundreds of thousands of pre-approved, kid-friendly web sites.
  • Built-in educational tools to help with school work and homework.
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My First Web Browser is a simplified full-featured web browser similar to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. The main difference is that our interface was specifically designed for elementary age children. Security and content filtering are the premier features of My First Web Browser. These features protect children from objectionable and obscene online materials. Some of the techniques we use to block bad material are: filtering pages containing inappropriate words and pictures, blocking words and pictures related to inappropriate material, white listed URL’s, black listed URL’s, eliminating the use of other unsafe web browsers (by locking down the computer while My First Web Browser is running), and many other proprietary features.

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The Internet poses many risks to our children, My First Web Browser eliminates those risks while helping elementary aged kids to learn!