Q: What was My First Web Browser designed to do?
      First and foremost, My First Web Browser was designed to be used as a learning tool, whether it is to teach basic mouse and computer control, or to help children with their homework and classwork. The program contains built in tools to help students with their studies. These tools include calculators, dictionaries, thesauruses, spell checkers, typing training, encyclopedias, and many more.

    Q: Can My First Web Browser protect my computer from my kids?
          My First Web Browser is designed to completely lock down the computer so the elementary age user cannot close the program without the password, this guards against the user accidentally damaging the computer they are using. We also included a feature that allows the parent or teacher to unlock some of the computers features such as desktop control, word processing programs and imaging editing software to benefit more advanced users. In this unlocked mode, the child is also able to save and reopen their work but are unable to start an unsecured web browser such as Internet Explorer.

    Q: Why does my child need this software and how will it help them?
         The World Wide Web’s most powerful feature is the ability to search for important information and material. This has become the cornerstone of learning in the modern home and classroom environment. My First Web Browser utilizes a child friendly search engine, so users are able to search vast amounts of information on a subject without being accidentally exposed to inappropriate or obscene material.
    pageEduTwo Q: Besides the search engine what other features help kids learn?
             We at My First Web Browser are very proud of the research and design that went into creating our children’s web site, its many categories and sub-categories. These categories are filled with thousands of hand-picked web pages to benefit your child’s learning. Some of these categories are Education, News, Entertainment, History, English, Science, Math, Law, Space, Animals, and over 40 more subjects.
    Q: Is My First Web Browser safe enough for young children?
          The security and safety of our users is our biggest concern. We block all material we find inappropriate for younger users. To prevent children from using other internet programs which are not safe, a password must be entered to close My First Web Browser or change the program’s settings. This password protects Safety Controls. These controls grant access to your child’s history of websites visited, allow or block websites and lock or unlock the computer.
    pageGame Q: Is My First Web Browser fun for kids and do they want to use it?
          We understand that children sometimes need to relax and play a game. Games can be used to improve motor skills, sharpen memory, gain knowledge or just have fun. We also understand that computer games can be a distraction when children are trying to learn, so you can block access to the game page in the Safety Controls.    Buy Now or download the Free Trial.